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Aaron Austin Bio

Name : Aaron Austin
Ska : Aaron Fiero, Aaron Archer
Fob : 24 of April of 1971
Height : 5'10
Measurements: 8.0
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Green

Official site :
Biography : Aaron Austin (24 of April of 1971 -) Also known as Aaron Fiero, Aaron Austin is a muscular pornographic actor American bisexual stud is a bisexual who has acted mainly in pornographic films gay but also in some bisexual films. he's given some terrific performances -- even going so far as to give up his "virgin" hole to Phil Bradley in Jerry Douglas's JOCK - A - HOLICS. Buff but not over-pumped, good-looking to say the least, and blessed with an absolutely great cock, he's one porn star we feel no shame in gawking at. In some of films in which it appears, only masturba, but in another taking divides in sexual acts annals playing the assets roll. In it films Jock-A-Holics of year 1993 played the role of liabilities with Phil Bradley and Eric Houston. Its more recent appearance in films pornographic was in Trade Jack Single presented by Sports & Recreation Video, in the 2000, a collection of scenes of men masturbando itself. Besides its filmic credits, Aaron Austin appears in the list of Internet Movie Database (IMDB) like an electrician for the film Cherry Crush produced in 2006 and like member of the department of sound for the film Who's Your Daddy? (Who is your papi). In the 2005, it worked like personal trainer in Palm Springs, California of “Eric Weaver”, for Personal GET-IT Fitness Training, that it founded. He was a big star throughout the 1990s, with a defined body and a fat cut cock. He also got beefier as the decade wore on. He usually topped and was supposedly str8 - he married and has kids. He celebrates his birthday on April 24 and is pictured above in action with Karl Thomas. Outside of porn he went into the Personal Training business, running a company in Palm Springs. Aaron Austin: A Day in the Life, 1993 Advanced Male Masturbation Techniques, 1996 Anal X-Tremes, 1996 Assume The Position, 1998 Auditions 2: Austin the Afflictor Basic Plumbing, Falcon Video Pac 86, 1993 Bike Bang, 1994 Bi-Athelon, 1993 (bisexual) Bi-Witched, 1994 (bisexual) Bondage in Oil Tagteam Takedown, 1995 Buffed & Sucked, 1998 Choose Me, Mustang Video Pac 17, 1992 Cody Exposed, 1993 Dax, 1996 Desert Oasis, Jocks Video Pac 59, 1993 Dirk Yates Private Collection15 Volume 60 Dirty Boys Erotic Confessions Facial Cumshot Spectacular, 1997 Fast Moves, 1994 Glory Holes 29—Macho Meat Men Guys Who Crave Big Cocks, 1998 Hammer It Home, 1997 Hand Solo, 1999 Hands On, Mustang Video Pac 31, 1994 Heads or Tails, Mustang Video Pac 19 1992 Hidden Agenda, 1993 Hog Tool Hometown Boys, 1997 Hot Properties, 1995 Hung Up, 1994 Idol In The Sky, 1996 Indecent Proposition, 1993 Inside Karl Thomas, 1994 The Insiders, 1995 Into the Night, 1992 Iron Stallions, 1992 Jock Off J/O, 1995 Jock Trade Solos, 2000 Jock-A-Holics, 1993 The Journey, 1995 Junior Varsity, 1993 Limited Entry, 1995 The Look of a Man, Mustang Video Pac 33, 1994 Male Tales: The Interactive Game, 1998 Mark Andrews & Friends Masquerade, 1995 Memories of Summer, 1992 Mentor, 1995 Muscle Men No. 1, 1994 Nut Nectar, 1998 Obsessively Compulsive, 1993 Older & Bolder, 1997 One Track Mind, 1995 On the Rise, 1993 Original Sin, 1995 The Paper Boy, 1992 Playing To Win, 1996 Poolside Passions Pumping Iron Men Raging Big and Hard, 1996 Rim Jobs, 1998 Risky Sex Safe Sex—A Gay Man's Guide, 1994 San Francisco Bed & Breakfast, 1994 Sex Wrestling 1, 1996 Single White Male, 1992 Skin Tight, 1993 Skin Tight, Mustang Video Pac 23, 1993 Slaves for Hire Smells Like a Man, 1992 Solid Flesh, 1993 The Sperminator, 1993 Splash Tops, Mack Studio Video Pac 3, 1992 Spring Fever, 1994 SteelAway, 1996 Sticky Gloves Stop or I'll Shoot, 1994 Sunsex Blvd., 1993 Switch Hitters 7, 1994 (bisexual) Take it Like a Man, 1994 Three Faces of Pain, 1994 Twin Exposure, 1994 Tyler Scott—Day of Decadence, 1994 Uncensored: All Male Sex, 1998 Virtual Vanity, 2002 (bisexual) XXX Muscle Men, 1998
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Sexual Orientation : Gay


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